Land and Vineyards

We cultivate the vines in total respect of the surrounding habitat, contributing with our work to improve the ecosystem through a series of initiatives concerning energy saving and the exclusion of use of substances harmful to the natural balance of the environment.

The enhancement of the biodiversity of the vineyards, in fact, allows us to increase their fertility without the need to use fertilizers or chemical herbicides, obtaining the highest quality products that smell of our land.

A part of our vineyards is located right in front of the Swabian Castle, known as Castelluccio di Gela , a wonderful example of military architecture of the Swabian domination of the twelfth century, which is isolated among the moors of the Gela plain inland a few kilometers from the coast and on a chalky spur that enhances its height even more.

From difensive fortress of the territory towards the interors, over time the castle was transformed into a noble residence. In the mid-13th century, Perollo de Moach, soldier of Caltagirone, was assigned by Frederick IV as regent of the entire fiefdom.

The last owners until the acquisition of the state property were the Aragona Cortes of Terranova (Gela) and the Pignatelli.

The vineyards near Castelluccio have an average age of more than thirty years and are managed in total respect for the surrounding nature, wonderfully rich in infinite species of flowers and plants, such as thistle, used since the time of ancient Rome as a natural milk coagulant for vegetarian cheeses.