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In a strip of land south of the Sicilian island, the slow and unstoppable drift of the sea made the land meet it in a timeless embrace.

On the lakesides

Within natural reserve.

Many of our vineyards are located in the heart of the Oriented Biviere Nature Reserve of Gela. The reserve that includes the salt lake of Biviere is located southeast of the city of Gela and is managed by LIPU (Italian League of Bird Protection). They go as far as the shores of the lake. Here man and nature strengthen an ancestral bond. Remote, generous, and at the same time severe places where the grapes, among the dunes beaten by sea breezes, ripen to be wine.

Our oasi

The Oriented Nature Reserve of Biviere is one of the 47 Italian areas recognized by the International Convention of Ramsar.

Keepers of time and nature

A unique terroir for richness and beauty.

Our vineyards are cultivated in total respect of the surrounding habitat. We want to help preserve the ecosystem through a series of initiatives that relate to energy saving, the exclusion of the use of harmful substances. Preserving biodiversity allows us to increase soil fertility without having to resort to the use of chemical fertilizers or herbicides.